How It Works

Clients will remember your Speed Dial Number from your marketing campaigns.

Your target audience dials your Speed Dial Numbers #TOW (#869) on a mobile phone.

Calls can be connected directly to your Office, Call Center or Mobile Phone.

Your callers can also recieve a custom branded SMS message with your company information and web link.

Over 300 million Americans now own mobile phones

Speed Dial is connecting them directly to you. Our primary goal is to increase traffic to your business by creating a vanity Speed Dial code which clients automatically associate with your business and the services. A Speed Dial number gives your marketing team an exciting marketing tool.

Choose your Speed Dial number and begin to market services today. Speed Dial numbers are in limited supply. Don’t wait to select your areas.

Whether you service a single area or the entire nation, a Speed Dial number will enhance your marketing strategy.

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