#BAIL: A Bail Bondsmen’s Best Friend

Speed Dial is the new breakout tech-marketing company bringing ease and simplicity for select bail agencies across the Country. The company provides businesses with 3 – 5 digit phone numbers preceded by the#sign that can be dialed from mobile phones across the United States. The calling service offers a niche advertising platform that makes #BAIL one of the most compact and effective marketing platforms currently in existence. Remember when you used to have to memorize phone numbers? It’s back!

If you were to pick up any cell phone, anywhere in the United States and dial #BAILit will automatically connect you with the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS)!

Here is exactly what happens with their service:

  • You run a marketing/advertising campaign using #BAIL
  • All clients living within your market dial #BAIL from their mobile phone.
  • They are immediately connected with your bail agency.
  • The client then receives a custom SMS with your agencies information.

In the larger scale of things, each Bail Bondsmen signing up for the service capitalizes from #BAIL advertising. Regardless of their geographical location, when a potential client dials #BAIL they will ONLY be redirected to PBUS and not the competitors.

The simple number #BAIL is easy enough to remember that potential clients don’t need to write it down, keeping #BAIL top of mind for the client’s needs.

The total cost of the service is one of the most attractive points to #BAIL beating out just about every marketing company’s monthly price tag. Using a compound advertising tactic #BAIL dedicates nearly $50,000 monthly to paid advertising. Most bail agencies will find it hard to compete with a budget that size!

Best of all, once you’ve acquired the service, the #BAIL number is exclusive to you!  Not a single competitor can occupy that number once you’ve secured it. How’s that for peace of mind?

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Company: Speed Dial, LLC

Contact: Cindy Days

Phone: 1 (888) 299-0922 ext. 4