What is a Speed Dial Number?

A Speed Dial number is a short number consisting of a pound sign (#) and three to five digits ( #111, #2222, #55555) that can be routed to your designated ten digit destination number.

What is the Cost of a Speed Dial Number?

Speed Dial numbers are available billed monthly along with a one time provisioning fee. It is a free call for customers. Calls to a Speed Dial number are exactly like any other mobile call and cost and will vary according to the caller’s individual mobile calling plans.

Can it be fewer than 3 digits?

No, Speed Dial numbers are 3 to 5 digit numbers.

How does Speed DIal work?

Callers simply dial the # symbol followed by your Speed Dial number and then press send, your calls are then routed directly to your business or call center.

Who needs a Speed Dial number?

Businesses that want to generate more sales and improve their customer experience, convenience, and satisfaction.

Do we need additional phone lines?

No. Speed Dial calls are routed to either new or existing phone lines.

Do we need to replace our Toll-Free number?

No, you can keep your existing toll free number and callers can choose which number they prefer to call.

Will we have to change all of our marketing?

No, you don’t have to change anything, Speed Dial is an add on to your existing marketing.